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Prayer Letter - November 2015

Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name;make known his deeds among the peoples!Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!Psalm 105:1&2

Dear Friends, 

We want to give thanks to the Lord and praise Him for the things He has been doing here in Ecuador. We also want to make His deeds known, so that you can join us in praising God as well as lifting up some concerns to Him.

Church Planting in Mira

A year ago in July, I was invited by three women in Mira to help out in their difficult situation. Their own church was falling apart and they were alone, without any healthy, spiritual input. But they refused to give up. They wanted at least to have a Bible study where they could grow. So they started praying. After various conversations, I came in contact with these women and was able to begin the Bible study they had been praying for. Over the past year, this Bible study has grown into a church. We have church services with children’s program every Sunday, two Bible studies in Mira and one in San Vicente (a small, nearby town), and bi-weekly visits with a family in the town of Pisquer. We have started a youth group and we plan to start English classes at the beginning of November. We hope to initiate a men’s meeting, a group for women, and much more, as we trust in His leading.

We are thankful for the Ayala family from Otavalo. Hector and Irene Ayala and their son Anderson have been helping us in Mira since the middle of July 2015. The name Ayala may be familiar to some of you. Last year, I had the privilege of training and mentoring their elder son, Diego, who is now studying at a seminary in Guatemala to become a full-time pastor.

Hector Ayala is helping out with preaching and is leading the second Bible study in Mira on Tuesday nights. His wife, Irene, is a special help with the women in the church. Anderson is currently helping out as our “chauffeur.” Dana's and my driver's licenses have expired.  We could not renew them until our visa paperwork was processed.  Now that we all have our visas and Ecuadorian identity cards in hand, we need to make appointments for our driver's license exams. Unfortunately, in the Imbabura Province appointments are booked up until 2016! The way it looks at this moment, we will have to wait until January.  We see it as God's leading that Anderson has come to help us at exactly this time. Please pray with us that this procedure will go more quickly than we expect (He is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think! Eph. 3:20)! Sing praises to the Lord!

Counseling Material for CCB

An important part of my work is also counseling. Again and again people - mostly couples - come to me and ask for help. It is not always easy since they often see counseling as the last fragile hope for their marriage. On the other hand, it is also a privilege to see couples sometime later with a renewed love and hope for the future. God is using me more and more in this ministry, and I can often see how He has prepared situations. Often on furlough I had asked myself how I would be able to use my coaching and mentoring training. Both areas are useful in counseling.

All this preparation has led to the opportunity for me to teach a counseling course in our lay-member training center (CCB=Centro de Capacitación Bíblica). Preparing for the course was an exciting challenge, and I ended up writing an 86-page handbook for my students. I have been teaching the class for 7 weeks now. Please pray that the students in my class will profit from the training and be a blessing for others.

Boys in Quito

We are thankful that our boys could begin classes at Alliance Academy International (AAI) in Quito at the beginning of September. AAI is a Christian school with a boarding school. Benjamin is in 8th grade and Caleb in 7th. It appears that they are adjusting well to the change. Caleb stayed at the dorm the first two weekends, while Benni came home. The school gives a discount on tuition for missionaries, but it is still quite expensive. If anyone is interested in helping out with the costs, we would be very grateful. Thank you to those who are already helping out.

We are also thankful that homeschooling has gotten off to a good start. Sabrina and Alexa are still working with German homeschooling material with Alena, our new German teaching assistant, while Jessica and Dana have switched to an American homeschooling system. Please keep Alena’s health in your prayers as she’s had rather severe stomach illnesses since she’s been here.


We give thanks to the Lord for a special treat this summer. We had the opportunity to see His wondrous works of nature in this beautiful country. At the beginning of August, we set out as a family to discover a bit of Ecuador. We first traveled south along the Andes, stopping at the base of Cotopaxi (Ecuador’s second highest mountain at 19,347 ft., 31 mi south of Quito). A week after we were there, Cotopaxi started spewing ash and continues to cause concern. We then headed to Cuenca, where we toured the city and visited some friends. We drove west toward the coast, going over an incredible mountain pass in Cajas National Park (13,671 ft) on the way to Guayaquil. We stayed overnight in Guayaquil and visited several well known places before heading northward along the coast. Monte Cristi (birthplace of Eloy Alfaro, one of Ecuador’s most impressive and important presidents) was another highlight before we continued up the coast to Tonsupa, where we spent the last few days of our 2-week tour. The journey was incredible and we got to enjoy Ecuador’s multifaceted landscape and climate. Here are a few pictures from our trip:

We give thanks to the Lord for His deeds here in Ecuador. Sing praises to him; 
tell of all his wondrous works!

Greetings from Ecuador, 

Daniel & Dana, Benjamin, Caleb, Jessica, Sabrina, Alexa

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